About Mr. Gibby Gibster

I was born in 1986 and raised in sunny San Diego, California. Throughout my journey of discovering myself, I have had multiple customer service jobs that really wasn't leading to anywhere promising. I was working to survive life, not working to enjoy life.

An opportunity was presented to me at the end of 2013 where I found myself moving to the greater Seattle area in Washington state and was hired at a candy store called Candy Tyme. There, I got a taste of being a professional graphic designer for the first time. I created any and all digital and printed media for the entire company, eight stores in total. Working at a candy store has probably been my most favorite job, thus far, however due to financial restrictions, sadly I had to search for employment elsewhere that paid the bills. That's when I found myself working for Amazon Web Services in November of 2016.


At AWS, I was able to help start, build, and manage the Training and Certification Customer Service Team including the internal Training and Certification Wiki page, which would be a resource guide for processes and troubleshooting for any kind of issue a CS agent would come across. I not only created the base content for our team, but I dove into a language I had never spoken before, HTML5 which is also known as WikiText. Through intense Google searching and a lot of raw HTML code editing, I created one of the most visually appealing and informative Wiki guides in AWS. Even Andy Jassy himself (CEO of AWS) had commented on how well built my Wiki had been. After two years of working at AWS, more opportunities had presented themselves to me, this time, in a way of love, and I had found myself moving to a small town near Minneapolis, Minnesota in April of 2019.

This brings me to the present, where I currently live with my partner, I am on track for graduating with a degree in Print Media at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College in Summer of 2022, and currently work at FedEx Office. From day one when starting my student career, I've known that I've needed to hit the road hard and running at full speed; putting forth all of my creative efforts into everything that I do. THIS is the time to show my instructors how creative and innovative I can be. THIS is the time to focus on what I want to be when I grow up. And THIS is the time where I can absorb the knowledge that is required for me to achieve the goals that I have set for myself to be successful in life. I look forward to being presented new projects and assignments which will challenge my creative thought process and allow me to continue to grow into the designer I wish to become.

This is how I keep moving forward.